The importance of the villa

A bit of history


Villa Quiete was built in the late 18th century by the nobleman Domenico Perozzi. It was created as an aristocratic house, a place of rest between a hunting trip and another.

Twentieth century

During the seventies, with the property transition to the Cappelletti family, Villa Quiete became a luxury hotel restaurant, visited by several important personalities. Protagonists of public life, entertaiment and Italian politics. Some names? Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, Carla Fracci, Strehler, Nureyev, Ken Russel, Ugo Tognazzi, Mike Bongiorno, Laura Antonelli, Pippo Baudo e Katia Ricciarelli, Almirante e Scalfaro, Guido Carli, Carla Fendi. The many years that have passed have not affected the vocation to the culture of Villa Quiete. Even today, its rooms host events dedicated to art, music and cuisine.

Nature is just a place to be wonder


Villa Quiete is surrounded by a park of over 28 thousand square meters, full of ancient trees, exotic species, flowering meadows, fountains and paths for your walks in the nature.


Of a particular architectural interest is the splendid hunting cabin, also called "nocetta", built completely in wood, from the base to the walls, and beautifully decorated with intricate wood carvings.


Hidden within the park in the shadow of enormous trees, on the northern side of the villa, you came across the old ice house, an ancient traditional way to preserve and refrigerate food during the summer season. The noble man made the peasants collect fresh snow from the fields and store it in this cavity covered with a central opening dome.

The swimming pool

During the long summer days, the park's swimming pool is a real panacea. In the middle of the pool, on an islet stands a palm tree, joined to the park by a wooden bridge. Around the pool, a solarium with sun beds and umbrellas.
The use of the swimming pool is reserved to the hotel guests.

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  • Avdon

    Great hotel, excellent service, beautiful area

    We loved this stay at Villa Quiet as much as our two previous stays there. The rooms are spacious, clean, and very well tended, the restaurant is excellent, from first course to dessert and wines, the park and swimming pool offer a great rest after visiting the culturally rich Marchegiani region. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The hotel is great for families, couples, or single tourists looking for a both exclusive and authentic experience of Marchegiani culture and hospitality.
  • Ian

    Very nice quiet hotel with friendly staff

    Very quiet location and friendly staff; the breakfast was very refined and good; parking facilities and the park around.
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